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Oct 26, 2012 3:00am PDT
-american vote for barack obama, 0% for romney. but the latino vote is crucial on the strategy you mentioned of nevada. look how many times the president's gone to nevada. he even prepped for the denver debate in nevada. little picked up on the press, but he went to cesar chavez's burial site up in the mountains of california. and with ken salazar, a great latino representative of colorado, his interior secretary, they saved all of la paz, cesar chavez, the great labor organizer's home in person tuity by the federal government, now a federal government. that played well in hispanic newspapers around the country because chavez is the martin luther king in many ways for latinos. so you see the president's 70% or more with latinos, and it could make a difference just in nevada alone being able to pick that up. >> you spent time with our president. and obviously, it's a great piece. what did you see in his eyes? what are we not feeling? did you see a guy empowered? nervous? just as guy to guy, you sitting there, walk away. >> he's unflappable. and he's ready to roll. i asked him about denver, wh
Oct 10, 2012 3:00am PDT
latinos in particular, those two parts of his base. african-american enthusiasm subpoeis up and fine and there. latinos and young voters, this is sort of the president's challenge. it's not about swing voters for him i would argue. at this point it's about trying to fire up two voting groups more than anything else, because they doubled it. he's winning latinos by a bigger margin, but because they're not as enthusiastic if they don't look like likely voters, he might not net any new votes in some places. if seniors are ticking up in enthusiasm, which is what we show, that's the difference in nevada, right? that's how a nevada goes 51-49 obama to 51-49 romney. >> mika. >> we saw also in the polls the enthusiasm gap, which i think is really troubling for the president but also tightening with women. what do you think is going on there? >> what i find very interesting is how one of the problems obama now has is his own side is so hysterical. it's like the republicans are very good at staying on message when they have a bad hole to get into it. if something goes wrong for them, the whole
Oct 9, 2012 3:00am PDT
not to be believed it's so big. this was a group that everyone had written up. latinos and women, mitt romney, mitt romney has no chance to get those. he closed 18 points in one debate. i'd be surprised. that's a huge leap. >> i never thought it was like 10 or 11 points, i don't think it's tied now either. i think it's maybe four or five. again, looking at all the polls. i think this may be an outlier on the women. i think you're right. >> there were a couple of other quick things in that poll. first of all, on the michigan, that's remarkable because a month ago, mitt romney, crossroads, everybody else pulled out of michigan. there were no ads running there. if he closed the gap like that, he did it on his own. also 78% of independents in that pew survey thought mitt romney won the debate. and then the enthusiasm for mitt romney, a campaign that a lot of people said, joe you know, and inside republican circles, this is a loser, we're moving on to 2016. now 67% of republicans say they're enthusiastic about their candidate, that's up 15 points from the last survey. >> mika, you brought this up this w
Oct 22, 2012 3:00am PDT
tonight. you've got to focus on women in ohio, latinos particularly in colorado. i'm like joe. if i saw those numbers two weeks out -- >> you'd be surprised. >> you'd be scared to death. >> andrea. >> a couple things. turnout, turnout and turnout. in talking to the democratic operatives, they think they've got a better machine in different states. you're going to see joe biden and barack obama together in dayton tomorrow. they're counting on big rallies like the madison, wisconsin, rally to try to generate more excitement and what they do is more registration, more voting, off-site voting at these campus rallies. the students are a big, big thing for them. and getting to what richard haass and the council on foreign relations did with their study that condi rice co-chaired, economic security and national security issue, that is almost a better argument for mitt romney tonight, harold. i think both candidates will try to make that argument, but mitt romney might be able to articulate that argument better than barack obama. >> and mika, following up on what andrea said, if we wake up the
Oct 29, 2012 3:00am PDT
factors. let's whip through some of them beginning with latino enthusiasm in colorado. >> yeah, this is a place that the president thought he would have a big advantage, but now is struggling. he is hoping to make up what he's lost with white women, with white men with latinos, he had that amazing line in the interview for "the des moines register" endorsement that you were just talking about where he said to the editors, not knowing at the time that it was going to be released. since we're talking off the reco record, the reason that i'm going to win is hispanics. he's been doing a lot better with them in nevada, though, than he is in colorado. another hidden factor is governor scott walker's turnout operation in wisconsin. this is the flip side of what the president has working for him in nevada. in nevada because of harry reid, they know every last democrat. in wisconsin, because of scott walker, they know every last republican. another big "x" factor, barnicle was talking about the storm as the ultimate wild card. here's one of the reasons that it could really be disruptive
Oct 3, 2012 3:00am PDT
think if you look particularly at two groups for the president, latinos and you look at young voters, particularly the hispanics, he's getting 70% in our poll. but they're down by 12 points as far as enthusiasm. so the net effect is the same. so he's getting the same amount of hispanic help this time as he got four years ago. if he wants to truly take advantage of that, he's got to get hispanics more fired up. >> chuck, it's sam. two questions for you. one is, why is ohio not, in your estimation, a lean obama state at this juncture in all the polling news? and secondly, in what states with early voting do you think another candidate's going to actually have a real advantage and get out to a lead that might be insurmountable on election day? >> reporter: well, i'm not sure that -- i'm not sure we would talk about ohio. i mean, i sort of -- let's see if anything moves after the first debate. i think this is going to be an interesting question for the romney campaign in a week. if the ohio numbers don't move, there is a strong case to be made. joe, you and i walked through this path, th
Oct 24, 2012 3:00am PDT
. and -- it is a situation where, you know, it is going to come down the latino vote, 21%. in colorado. also, you know, suburban vote which is where lit come down to in a lot of the swing states. >> did you know also this year will be extraordinarily close. the closest election most likely since 2000. and the states are in elections like that even new hampshire which, of course, won the presidencies for george w. bush, makes a big difference. in new hampshire, one poll that actually has the president up by nine. all the other polls showed this deadlocked. >> yeah. i mean, the -- university of new hampshire poll looks like a bit of an outlier. the rest of the polling evidence we have seen in this state, that state, shows it is a -- you know, a tie race. there is a poll showing romney up a couple of points. a poll showing obama up a couple. razor's edge in new hampshire. electoral college scenario with owe bogey the pivot point. if obama wins ohio romney will have to win wisconsin and colorado and either iowa or new hampshire. new hampshire is definitely in the mix here. >> david was saying in the last
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)